I’m a temporary contract worker, which product will suit me?

There are so many reasons why outsourcing your accounting as a contractor makes sense. From having access to the latest tech and the resources to focus on other areas of your business to meeting your legal obligations, you can save money and receive the professional guidance you need to grow. […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 17 October 2017

Benefits of using Payroll Bureau

Here at Shield Contract Services, we offer a selection of payroll solutions to suit the requirements of recruiters and contractors. There are many advantages to outsourcing to a specialist payroll company like us, as NI Business Info describes in their latest article on payroll software: “Outsourcing to a payroll specialist […]

Hayley Hayley , 12 October 2017

Which Shield product is right for you

Here at Shield Contract Services, we assist recruiters and contractors alike with payroll processing. Payroll issues are unfortunately very common across all industry sectors, and as ABC Money explained in their latest blog post, failure to resolve payroll problems can lead to more than just financial damage: “Payroll errors can be […]

Hayley Hayley , 10 October 2017

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