Freelancers: How to keep financially solvent

A career as a freelancer has its ups and downs; you can be eating like a king one month and scratching around like a pauper the next. Luckily, there is some helpful advice out there for freelancers on how to keep your head above water financially. So, Shield has scoured […]

Sophie Sophie , 24 November 2016

Payroll services in your city: Brighton

With its rich history as a popular seaside resort dating back to the Regency period, Brighton has never ceased to be a place of excitement and innovation. However, the city faced an economic lull in the 1980’s through to the mid-1990’s, with many businesses closing down and a general exodus […]

Hayley Hayley , 17 November 2016

Life as a contract worker (part 4)

In this series focusing on people’s experiences undertaking contract work, Shield has mainly heard about the pros and cons of working at a variety of different companies, but in this instalment we focus on the more life enhancing aspects of life as a contract worker. Talking to Michael, a 29-year-old […]

Sophie Sophie , 10 November 2016

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