Is there such a thing as a work/life balance?

If you run your own business or are self-employed, you may find that you’re working – or thinking about work – the majority of your life. In fact, a lot of contractors work six or even seven days a week, building their businesses and raising their profiles. As a result […]

Sophie Sophie , 29 June 2017

The difference between contractors, sub contractors, and the self employed

Though the majority of people in the UK are employed, a growing number work for themselves. This is becoming increasingly common across many industries, with more and more people choosing to go it alone and businesses across the UK looking to contractors and freelancers to fill their recruitment needs. Whether […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 27 June 2017

How to manage your finances in the early stages of contracting

When the subject of finances crops up,  we often like to bury our heads in the sand as contractors, but it’s something unavoidable. In this post, we will help you get to grips with your finances in the early stages of your contracting career. The fundamentals When you first begin on […]

Sophie Sophie , 15 June 2017

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