Do contractors benefit from a ‘softer’ Brexit?

The established thinking is that independent contractors have been one of the few sectors to benefit from uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Seeing as nobody yet knows what the future deal with the EU will look like, big companies have been taking on more independent contractors instead of filling vacancies with long-term […]

Sophie Sophie , 27 July 2017

What are the benefits of being a Limited Company contractor?

Becoming a Limited Company contractor offers you many benefits, from easier borrowing to a greater sense of security. In this post, we cover four important aspects that should be considered when you are considering becoming a Limited Company contractor. Claiming back expenses This is one of the key perks of […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 25 July 2017

How to successfully manage being a single parent contractor

Working in a freelance capacity is both fun and stressful. Juggling different tasks, continually communicating with a variety of clients is exciting, but of course it has its headache inducing moments. For parents, especially single parents, it can sometimes prove difficult to keep the life/work balance from falling into pandemonium. […]

Sophie Sophie , 20 July 2017

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