5 ways to stay motivated during your contract work job search

Job seeking is part and parcel of being an independent or limited company contractor. Whether you’re looking for your very first contract or searching for new opportunities as a seasoned contractor, the job search process can be very frustrating at times. Being successful in your search is the key to […]

Sophie Sophie , 22 February 2018

Is it worth checking your employment status for tax?

Checking your employment status is a common topic of conversation for contractors. For tax purposes, defining which box you fit into is important. It could help you avoid the unnecessary costs associated with the latest changes to IR35. Last April’s IR35 reforms mean you could be liable to pay extra […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 15 February 2018

The social networks that could bag you your next contract

Using social media is part and parcel of being a modern professional. Using it to network your contract work expertise can unlock a variety of benefits, particularly when it comes to bagging your next job. Whether you are an independent contractor or limited company contractor, marketing yourself like the big […]

Sophie Sophie , 8 February 2018

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