What do those tax codes actually mean?

No one wants to pay more than their fair share of tax and National Insurance. For contractors in particular, guaranteeing the correct tax payments and avoiding unnecessary costs comes down to more than just checking their employment status. Understanding the tax code issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is […]

Sophie Sophie , 11 October 2018

How has GDPR affected contractors and their clients?

The General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR, is something of a headache for most businesses. The countdown to this year’s deadline has spawned a number of helpful guides and checklists, but many professionals are still confused about how the legislation affects them. For business owners and contractors, compliance […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 30 August 2018

Finding the right PAYE umbrella company for you

It’s a great idea to try comparing suppliers when renewing your home insurance or trying to find a new mobile phone contract. However, it also comes in handy when trying to find the best umbrella company schemes available to you. Over the past decade, contracting as an employee of an […]

Sophie Sophie , 16 August 2018

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