NHS & Network Rail U-Turn on IR35

Since its inception, the IR35 ruling has drawn criticism from independent contractors. In April 2017, several new changes were made to IR35, specifically concerning the public sector.These changes have been significant and have triggered what some may term a revolt – and an exodus of workers heading for the private sector.   […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 12 June 2017

The VAT Flat Rate Scheme

The chancellor of the Exchequers Autumn Statement, for 2016, has brought about a few surprises; but much of what was in the statement we already knew, or could foresee arising. The VAT Flat Rate Scheme has been welcomed by many, including Brookson, who said, “We welcome the Government’s commitment to […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 8 December 2016

Autumn Statement

It’s been an interesting time for Shield Contract Services, having solidified our goals and helped a number of clients, even with the current unpredictable economy. As the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond released his Autumn Statement on November 23rd, we take a look at how this will affect contractors […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 1 December 2016

Payroll services in your city: Portsmouth

The city of Portsmouth has suffered a slow decline as the nation’s shipbuilding capital, but in other sectors Portsmouth is noticing a quite dramatic rise, with myriad small business ventures cropping up. Along with this, the city is gaining attention and seeing investment from national and international companies, leading its […]

Hayley Hayley , 21 September 2016

The increase in National Minimum and Living Wage

On April 1, 2016, the UK saw the implementation of the National Living Wage. Billed as a step up for Britain, it is seen as a genuine boost for British workers by the majority, providing a valuable safety net for those working across the board. 93% of those polled agreed […]

Sophie Sophie , 14 September 2016

Shield and 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe

1000 Companies to Inspire Britain is an annual celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. As well as identifying 1000 companies, the annual report examines in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 7 September 2016

Home Office Campaign to Eradicate Illegal Construction Workers

On October 14 2015, Immigration minister, James Brokenshire announced that the Home Office have launched a campaign to eradicate illegal workers in the construction industry. The campaign, called Operation Magnify, will target those businesses within the construction industry that employ abuse and exploit illegal migrant workers. Although this announcement concentrates […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 19 October 2015

Intermediary Reports

Shield have now sent all clients their Intermediary Reports, if you are having any issues or would like any help in submitting any information please give the payroll team a call on 01992 374144 Below is the link for submitting your report https://www.gov.uk/send-employment-intermediary-report

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 4 August 2015

Shield launch new interactive portal

Shield have launched their new interactive portal for contractors to submit expenses and view their payslips. The old way of submitting expenses via the expenses tab on the website will be shut off shortly. For further information on getting setup for the new system please call Shield on 01992 374144

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 14 April 2015

Chancellors Budget 2015

Good Morning, SCS have reviewed the budget 2015 – ‘the red book’ and also examined the email released by the HMRC with regards to the restriction of tax relief expenses for travel and subsistence and have complied the following to assist in digesting the information. Rest assured that SCS will provide updates […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 8 April 2015

National Minimum Wage update: 2015

From Thursday 1st October 2015 the adult rate of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will rise by 20p from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour as recommended by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) earlier this year. Government has rejected the LPC’s recommendation for the apprentice rate to be increased from £2.73 […]

Gareth Bough Gareth Bough , 20 March 2015

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