The social networks that could bag you your next contract

Social networkingUsing social media is part and parcel of being a modern professional. Using it to network your contract work expertise can unlock a variety of benefits, particularly when it comes to bagging your next job. Whether you are an independent contractor or limited company contractor, marketing yourself like the big companies do is key to limiting downtime between jobs.

81% of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) use social media marketing. Considering the number of social media users grew by 121 million between quarter two and three of last year alone, there’s certainly an audience to reach. Using social media to find work isn’t new. As well as making your online presence more client friendly, using the right platforms is integral to social media marketing success. But what are the best networks for contractors searching for potential clients?


The ultimate business-oriented social network, LinkedIn is our first port of call. The social media platform has some 500 million users, and 40% of them use LinkedIn every day. As of 1st January 2018, LinkedIn was home to 3 million active job listings, making it the ideal place to find your next contract.

LinkedIn has made searching for work more effective of late with the introduction of numerous tools and features. Contractor Calculator  tells us more about the capabilities of LinkedIn for those looking for their next role:

“Increasingly, LinkedIn has become integrated with hirers’ business processes, demonstrating how important it has become. For example, Hays has developed an integrated search tool that its consultants can use to simultaneously search the internal candidate database and LinkedIn. LinkedIn also provides other ways for recruiters and contractors to engage, such as through groups. This is often how recruiters will target contractors with specific skills sets, because they have become a recognised expert in a particular topic.”


LinkedIn isn’t the only social media network to find contractors their next roles. Setting up a business page on Facebook provides another route to connecting with potential clients. Your Facebook business page also offers a simple and effective way to deliver even better customer service. Ensuring your Facebook business page remains active is useful for boosting page visits and connecting with potential customers or clients.

With 2.07 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network of them all. But with 16 million business pages created since 2013, you may face some tough competition.


The nation’s favourite micro blogging website, Twitter has provided a free flowing communication tool for businesses and personal users since its launch. Due to the character limit, however, using Twitter as your primary contract seeking tool isn’t recommended. Whilst the social media platform is currently trialling an increased character limit of 280 for a small group of users, it’s still not enough to promote yourself effectively when job seeking. Try to use Twitter to support your wider social media marketing efforts, instead. It’s a great way to direct potential clients to more information-rich resources like your website of LinkedIn profile.

For further advice on generating leads and securing work as a contractor please read our latest blog post. You can also find out more about our payroll solutions, products which are relied on by countless contractors across the UK.

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